Montage_1Hi, I’m Reece Cycler and I’m a Recycling Zone Warden for Colchester Borough Council. We’re bringing in some pretty radical changes to our recycling and rubbish collections in June and I thought it would be useful to share some of my recycling knowledge with you all.

The main change will be the introduction of fortnightly collections for general rubbish, alongside a maximum limit of three 60 litre black sacks per household (or a 180 litre wheelie bin in selected areas).

I’m really passionate about getting everyone in Colchester recycling more, but also realise that many of you will find these changes quite daunting (especially the 3 bag a fortnight limit). So I plan to share some great recycling ideas, alongside hints and tips to help you meet these new limits. You never know I might even be able to help you save a few pennies (or £££) along the way, which can only be a good thing!

The good news is that the food waste (the smelly part of your rubbish) will continue to be collected weekly in your food waste caddy. Also, you’ll still receive your free clear recycling bags and these are being delivered from 2-26 May.

It’s no secret that wheelie bins are being introduced into specific areas of the Borough. If you live in Mile End, Greenstead, Old Heath, Shrub End, Stanway or Berechurch and if your collection method is changing to a wheelie bin, sometime in the next two weeks you’ll receive an A5 postcard telling you that this is happening. So keep your eyes peeled for that.

My aim is to post on here weekly, but in the meantime if you’d like to find out more about the forthcoming changes and read the frequently asked questions I’ve put together, visit our website at colchester.gov.uk/recycling

6 thoughts on “Hello!

  1. Mrs. M Kernott

    Hi, I’m Lea and live at 118 The Willows CO28QE and it appears I will not be getting a wheelie bin. I’m disappointed but will carry on regardless I just need to know the days and dates of my collection and I can’t find them anywhere, can you help, please. Lea


    • Hi Lea,
      The new style recycling and rubbish collections start on Monday 19 June. Your new Recycling Calendar is being posted today, so will drop through your letterbox by the end of the week. The calendar will confirm your collection day (please check this as it might have changed) and will let you know when your blue and green weeks are. It also has some useful tips on what can and cannot be recycled and which containers to use. We are just in the process of uploading these on to our website and they will be available later today https://beta.colchester.gov.uk/waste-and-recycling-spa/?action=Find
      Thank you 


  2. Michael Yore

    I have the black bag system and therefore have to store them for two weeks outside. I live in Tiptree which means we have rats, urban fox and feral cats looking forward to rummaging through my waste. If I have an extra bag or two I may have a build up of waste that will get more horrid as time passes without collection. This gives a potential hygiene problem. What are your recommendations for containment and storage?
    Perhaps I should get a wheelie bin to safeguard the weak bags and allow me to move them more readily from storage to collection points, or will it be alright to leave the out front?


    • Hello Michael,
      Thanks for posting your question. It’s something we get asked a lot and I have a couple of tips that I think will help:
      My top tip is to recycle your food waste – this will be what the animals are after and we will be continuing to collect food waste every week. Did you know that a third of an average household bin is food waste? I think that’s quite incredible! By recycling this using our kerbside collection you not only help us cut down on the rubbish we send to landfill but animals are less likely to rummage through your bags. If you don’t already have one, you can collect your free food caddy from one of our local stockists (take a look at this link to find your nearest one https://beta.colchester.gov.uk/waste-and-recycling-spa/?action=Find) They have a lockable lid which stops smells getting out and animals getting in. Find out more about our food waste kerbside collection at https://beta.colchester.gov.uk/knowledgebase/article/KA-01072
      The only other item that animals may be after is excess pet food (as you can’t put this in your food waste caddy). If you have this problem I suggest you store your non-recyclable black bag rubbish in metal or plastic bins, with secure tops. I would also advise putting your black bag rubbish out on the right collection day just before 7am, not the night before. Remember, from the 19 June there is a limit of 3 black bags every two weeks – so please recycle as much as you can.
      I hope this helps.


  3. Mrs. M Kernott

    its Lea again the letter to Micheal above has been a help to me as well thank you for that. If I sometimes have more than 3 bags will you take them. Another thought I have cat litter which take quite a lot of room up in the bags particularly in the winter months. Are there any special bags or boxes for this. I did ask about this some years ago and was told to just put it in the black bag does this advice still stand. Thank you Lea.


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