Talking Rubbish


Glass Bottles, Cardboard & Paper

Hello again,

I’m super excited…we’re holding the first of our Recycling and Rubbish Roadshow events this Saturday at the Asda Superstore near Colchester Station, 9am-5pm.

We’re going to be holding 18 of these events across the Borough. You can check to see where your nearest one is at They’re not all during the week either, there are some evening and weekend events too.

We’ll be there offering information on the forthcoming collection changes in June – answering any questions you have, offering advice about recycling, hints and tips on how to waste less/save money and you can even collect free recycling containers and bags you might need.

If you’re in one of the areas moving to wheelie bin collections, you can even come along and see the bins (in the flesh, so to speak). I’ve tried them out already and I think you really will be amazed at how easy they are to move – even when full!

We look forward to seeing you at one of the events 🙂

2 thoughts on “Talking Rubbish

  1. Jeremy Hagon

    How many millions of pounds have been spent on this scheme that the majority of @yourcolchester residents do not want or need?

    Then CBC go adding insult to injury by introducing a fortnightly black sack collection and no longer providing black waste bags is a step towards no collection at all.

    A reduction in our waste service with no evidence these changes will increase recycing whatsoever!

    Will we receive a 50% deduction on our waste bill? No.

    Absolutely disgraceful policy that should never have passed scrutiny. Even the project implementor has quit realising what a mistake this is.


    • Hello,

      Thank you for reading the blog and I’m sure there are other residents thinking along the same lines as you. I’d like to help explain why the decision was made.

      The Council took the decision to move to fortnightly collections and a limit of three black bags to cut the amount of waste that goes to landfill and help increase the recycling we do in Colchester.

      This collection method may be new to Colchester, but the majority of Council’s in Essex (and many others all over the UK) have already successfully moved to fortnightly collections and a limit of black bags. From talking to these Councils, the evidence shows that using this collection method means less rubbish goes to landfill and the amount of recycling increases – especially food waste.

      Local Council budgets continue to reduce, so all Councils need to take action to tackle this. This new collection method and the decision to not supply a roll of black bags to every household saves us £100,000. In addition, last year the Council made £260,000 from selling all the recyclables we collect. The hope is to do even better this year – helping us to continue to deliver other services which benefit the Borough.

      We can assure you that after these changes are implemented in June, there are no further plans (under the current Cabinet) to change the collection process again or reduce limits to black bags further.

      Some households may already be recycling everything, but there are 30% that don’t recycle at all, or who could do more. 85% of the contents from our bins is recyclable. By making full use of the weekly food waste, and the fortnightly recycling collections, most residents will be able to fall within the new fortnightly limit of three black bags (or 180 litre wheelie bin) for rubbish that is not able to be recycled. I will be posting about this and many other topics going forward.



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