Wheelie good news…


Wow, it’s hot out there today! I’ve just popped back to the office to cool down and whilst I’m here I wanted to post something about the information postcards that we’ve been sending out to the 12,000 households in Colchester that will be moving to a wheelie bin collection. They explain how the service will work and what can and cannot go in each bin.

If you think you should be getting a wheelie bin, but haven’t received a postcard yet, you can pop your postcode in our easy to use look up facility to find out if you’re going to be in a wheelie bin collection area, or not.

If you are, we will be delivering wheelie bins between Monday 5 and Sunday 18 June, including Saturdays and Sundays. You will get two bins, one for your non-recyclable rubbish (180 litres) and one for your garden waste (240 litres).

You can choose not to have a bin for garden waste. If you do opt out it will mean you won’t receive a garden waste collection as our trucks cannot collect from white sacks in these areas. You will need to let us know by Sunday 28 May if you don’t want our teams to deliver the bin at the beginning of June. Don’t worry, you can still let us know after this date and we’ll come and collect your bin.

Once your bins arrive, your first collection using the wheelie bins will be during week commencing Monday 19 June. Keep an eye out for your new recycling calendar, coming through the post at the beginning of June, with all this information on.

Don’t forget, we have lots of Recycling Roadshows taking place across the Borough at the moment. Come along to talk to a recycling expert, collect any containers or bags that you need and to take a look at the new wheelie bins.

I’m now going back out to visit some more residents about the collection changes, but enjoy the warm weather and fingers crossed it stays nice for the bank holiday weekend.

6 thoughts on “Wheelie good news…

  1. Brian Chapman

    Is there a list available of Colchester areas where wheelie bins will be implemented? I have a business which clens such bins and would like to know where to target my marketing. thanks


  2. Diane West

    Confused from Colchester here. I live on a new development (2 years). One side of our street has individual bin sheds and our side has large community bins in two bin sheds. I was told (via facebook community page) that wheelie bins were going to be in force for the odd side (with the individiual bin sheds) but as I hadnt had any notification via letterbox the even side would be continued as before – using the community bins in the community bin shed – . Today we have received two wheelie bins – black and brown. a) where do we keep them? our gardens are so small. b) I dont have room for the brown bin for garden waste only – our gardens are so small. c) where do the bins get collected from? The flyer says boundary but does that mean front or back? No road outside front or back on the evens side. Finally, the flyer says our first black bin collection with be w/c 19 june, but the recycling calendar says 27 June. Please help.


  3. Ann Willsher

    Within the start of new collections, most stockists in my area do not have food waste bins . Is there a restriction on any bin I can put out to contain food waste or willing be collected S long as it is in a lockable labelled bin?


    • Hi Ann,

      I’m sorry to hear you’re having trouble getting hold of a food waste caddy. We deliver to stockists as soon as they place an order with us so they should have some available for you in the next couple of days. The food caddies are designed for our crews to collect easily and safely, so we would only collect from this container. Here is a full list of stockists and we recommend you call to make sure items are in stock before you make the journey.

      Thank you



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