Summer Fun Recyclable Craft Projects



I wanted to start this week’s post by saying thank you – to all of you for recycling so much since the new rubbish and recycling system came in a few weeks ago. We’ve seen a dramatic decrease in the amount of black bag/bin rubbish that we collect. It has gone down by 37%, compared to the same period last year, and I just think that’s AMAZING!

I love making crafts with my son, especially when we’re using materials that we easily find around the home. It’s the perfect activity to do over the summer holidays at home to prevent any boredom setting in. It also helps to teach kids the principles of recycling or reusing materials to make something else.

You can let your imagination go wild…maybe make a pair of paper roll binoculars and go on an epic safari right in your living room or garden. If they get damaged it’s easy to make a new pair!

My son’s favourite is a space jetpack, we use two empty plastic bottles, a bit of string for the straps and a little red and yellow tissue paper for the flames. He then goes off to explore the galaxy, discovering new worlds in every corner of the house. Maybe he’ll be a Tim Peake of the future?! That’s an exciting thought.

If you Google ‘kids craft activities using recyclable materials’ you will literally get hundreds of ideas. But I thought it might be useful to give you a few links to my favourite pages:

Once your little one has finished playing with what you’ve made, just remember to break it down and recycle all the separate elements in the correct container! The best of both worlds – fun and helping to save the planet.

Have a great start to your summer holidays and do let me know if you make anything, it wold be wonderful to hear what you choose to do. 

Let the fun begin!

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