Keep on top of recycling with your new calendar


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Spring is almost here, and about time too!

Tuesday 20 March sees the Spring Equinox and the ‘official’ arrival of spring in the UK. Theoretically, after that we’ll start to enjoy warmer days, leaves on the trees and bluer skies. That said, Colchester famously once had snow in June, causing a county cricket match to be called off, so I’m not making any promises!

I can promise, however, that your new Recycling Calendars will be landing on your doorsteps this month. They’ll be delivered in the same envelope as your annual council tax statement, ready to be stuck on your fridge or corkboard for handy reference all year round.

Residents living in flats with communal rubbish collections should continue to follow the process specified by their landlord.

Last year’s calendars had a new look, featuring a useful quick guide to Green and Blue Weeks. This went down well, so the design team have kept the guide and revamped the look slightly so you can tell it apart from last year’s. You’ll be able to use it to check your collection dates, but also see which container different materials should go into.

Digital versions of the new 2018/19 calendar  will also available online from 1 April. You can download a PDF document or audio calendar by entering your postcode at

Last time I posted about new collection calendars, it was June 2017 and the new recycling system was just being introduced in Colchester. I’ve spoken to hundreds of people since then, answering all kinds of questions about recycling and waste, and I’m amazed at how much more of our rubbish we seem to be recycling.

I was thrilled when we reported that Colchester sent 33% less stuff to landfill in July-November 2017 than it did in the same period of 2016. That’s the weight of 22 blue whales!

That’s an amazing achievement in such a short time. Personally, I think it’s totally possible that one day our borough will recycle almost everything as technology develops and people become more and more aware of how important it is.

So, 2017/18 was a pretty good year. Here’s to an equally green 2018/19! While you’re waiting for your calendar, check out the rest of my blog for plenty of tips for environmentally-friendly (and wallet-friendly) living, or leave me a comment with your recycling and waste questions.

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