All change!


Today I have some big news.

This is my very last regular blog post!

I can’t believe I’ve been writing these posts for almost a year! Since the first one explaining the new recycling system in May 2017, we’ve covered all kinds of interesting topics – from creating a home recycling centre to busting myths, from what happens to your food waste to the weirdest things we’ve found in recycling. 

Writing the blog and answering your questions has been genuinely fun. Thanks to everyone who’s left a comment or given me feedback – you’ve taught me a lot about blog-writing and I hope you’ve enjoyed the posts, even the ones that included awful jokes!

I first started posting here when the rubbish collections changes were due to start back in June 2017. The changes got plenty of attention and we Zone Wardens were answering lots of enquiries from residents. Living in Colchester, I use the recycling and rubbish service myself and figured an ‘insider’ blog might be helpful to other residents.

If I’ve left you one thing with you, I hope that’s a change in the way you think about recycling – because recycling is awesome and every little bit makes a difference. 

Before I sign off, I’d like to say THANK YOU and recap my ‘Top 10 Recycling Tips’ (yes… one last nag!) 



Like I said, change can be a good thing… and in my opinion there’s no change better than the kind that turns something old into something new and thrilling. Whether its old household materials being recycled into aeroplane parts, or a Zone Warden finishing his blog to focus on new projects, it’s what makes the world go round. 

I might be back with the occasional post, but for now I’d like to wish you all the very best for the future… and happy recycling! 


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