Wheelie good news…


Wow, it’s hot out there today! I’ve just popped back to the office to cool down and whilst I’m here I wanted to post something about the information postcards that we’ve been sending out to the 12,000 households in Colchester that will be moving to a wheelie bin collection. They explain how the service will work and what can and cannot go in each bin.

If you think you should be getting a wheelie bin, but haven’t received a postcard yet, you can pop your postcode in our easy to use look up facility to find out if you’re going to be in a wheelie bin collection area, or not.

If you are, we will be delivering wheelie bins between Monday 5 and Sunday 18 June, including Saturdays and Sundays. You will get two bins, one for your non-recyclable rubbish (180 litres) and one for your garden waste (240 litres).

You can choose not to have a bin for garden waste. If you do opt out it will mean you won’t receive a garden waste collection as our trucks cannot collect from white sacks in these areas. You will need to let us know by Sunday 28 May if you don’t want our teams to deliver the bin at the beginning of June. Don’t worry, you can still let us know after this date and we’ll come and collect your bin.

Once your bins arrive, your first collection using the wheelie bins will be during week commencing Monday 19 June. Keep an eye out for your new recycling calendar, coming through the post at the beginning of June, with all this information on.

Don’t forget, we have lots of Recycling Roadshows taking place across the Borough at the moment. Come along to talk to a recycling expert, collect any containers or bags that you need and to take a look at the new wheelie bins.

I’m now going back out to visit some more residents about the collection changes, but enjoy the warm weather and fingers crossed it stays nice for the bank holiday weekend.

Talking Rubbish


Glass Bottles, Cardboard & Paper

Hello again,

I’m super excited…we’re holding the first of our Recycling and Rubbish Roadshow events this Saturday at the Asda Superstore near Colchester Station, 9am-5pm.

We’re going to be holding 18 of these events across the Borough. You can check to see where your nearest one is at colchester.gov.uk/recycling. They’re not all during the week either, there are some evening and weekend events too.

We’ll be there offering information on the forthcoming collection changes in June – answering any questions you have, offering advice about recycling, hints and tips on how to waste less/save money and you can even collect free recycling containers and bags you might need.

If you’re in one of the areas moving to wheelie bin collections, you can even come along and see the bins (in the flesh, so to speak). I’ve tried them out already and I think you really will be amazed at how easy they are to move – even when full!

We look forward to seeing you at one of the events 🙂



Montage_1Hi, I’m Reece Cycler and I’m a Recycling Zone Warden for Colchester Borough Council. We’re bringing in some pretty radical changes to our recycling and rubbish collections in June and I thought it would be useful to share some of my recycling knowledge with you all.

The main change will be the introduction of fortnightly collections for general rubbish, alongside a maximum limit of three 60 litre black sacks per household (or a 180 litre wheelie bin in selected areas).

I’m really passionate about getting everyone in Colchester recycling more, but also realise that many of you will find these changes quite daunting (especially the 3 bag a fortnight limit). So I plan to share some great recycling ideas, alongside hints and tips to help you meet these new limits. You never know I might even be able to help you save a few pennies (or £££) along the way, which can only be a good thing!

The good news is that the food waste (the smelly part of your rubbish) will continue to be collected weekly in your food waste caddy. Also, you’ll still receive your free clear recycling bags and these are being delivered from 2-26 May.

It’s no secret that wheelie bins are being introduced into specific areas of the Borough. If you live in Mile End, Greenstead, Old Heath, Shrub End, Stanway or Berechurch and if your collection method is changing to a wheelie bin, sometime in the next two weeks you’ll receive an A5 postcard telling you that this is happening. So keep your eyes peeled for that.

My aim is to post on here weekly, but in the meantime if you’d like to find out more about the forthcoming changes and read the frequently asked questions I’ve put together, visit our website at colchester.gov.uk/recycling